Thursday, August 21, 2014

Broyhill Brasilia Loses Its Flower Power

True story.  A few weeks ago I was in a nearby city and was looking for a chair to pair with a vanity.  I had never been in this particular thrift store that had relocated to an old empty mall, and had heard it was a great place to hit.  

I had avoided stopping there in the past, knowing that my stash was full and it's so hard to resist a deal, but I needed a chair, right?  You would be proud.  I did so good.  Walked right past an awesome desk, some Frenchy tables, and even was ready to walk back out. Then I saw it.

Draw dropping to the floor with a squeal (I really did squeal out loud and the man nearby looked queerly at me).  Here was what I would not be leaving without, even if I had to drag it home.
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
Signaled my kids to find a store associate pronto, but of course no one was to be found.   Sigh...isn't that always the case?

As the know-a-find-when-you-see-it-mother, I told the older kids to stand by it while I tracked down an associate.  You see, my kids are trained.  Not only did they stay by it, but the circled it with their back facing it, as if guarding it with their life.  Good kids.  

Finally found a lady and she told me she had just stuck it out. $30.  


45 min. was the allowed time once you purchase a piece of furniture to pick it up and they would NOT help load.  Problem:  How does one get a dresser that size in their suburban with 6 kids on board and lives a half hour away?

Cram it in!!

Okay.  Let's pause for a minute.  You might be wondering why in the world am I going nuts at an ugly brown beast covered in stickers?? 
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
This, my friends, is a Broyhill Brasilia.  A highly coveted and collected Mid Century Modern line of American furniture designed by Oscar Niemeyer during the 1960's.  In original condition, it's valued in the thousand dollar range.
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
This purple beauty was my very first custom order for another Brasilia I had in my stash years ago.
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
So... let's just say, my gang and I made memories bringing this beauty home.

Obviously the stickers were the first to go.  
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
I cleaned it up and stuck in my shop as a custom listing.  
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by

Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
It needed love and it takes creativity to imagine away that wear and tear it had. I waited a week and then recreated the Brasilia how I thought best.

Ta da!  With a little sanding and some paint, I stuck in the shop with a new look and it sold in a couple hours. *insert the song "Happy" here*
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by's smiling at me, saying "Thank you!"
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by

Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by
Lesson: Don't look too quickly when you're out and about.  Look for labels and quality markings. You just might find a flower power beauty of your own.
Thrifted Broyhill Brasilia Chest of Drawers Loses Its Flower Power with Makeover by

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Boutique Showcase #40: The Linky Party Featuring Your Online Shop

Can you believe it's back to school time already?  At least public school that is. For us homeschoolers, we will start after the holiday weekend because we school all year (lighter in the summer) and can start at a different time.

Did you catch my post last week about my insane stash in my shop?  If you look close, you can see some of the items in this picture have already been finished and sold.  Whew!  
Letting Go...saying good-bye to clutter and hello to sanity via
Really, though, I am NEVER like this picture would make it seem.  Furniture was off limits for the most part while pregnant and I was going c.r.a.z.y. looking at that mound.

Light showing in last week's showcase, so show some love to the loyal shop owners!

Here are this week's features from the party...
by Whimzy Thyme
Antique Chalkware Bookends by Whimzy Thyme via
by Cottage Vintage Shabby
Shabby Chic Bridal Wedding Hanger by Cottage Vintage Shabby via
#1 most viewed shop's item...
by Prodigal Pieces 
I normally never feature myself, but thought every once in a while ain't wrong, right?  Had to since participation was lacking. :/
1920's Antique Desk & Upholstered Chair by Prodigal Pieces via
Let's see what's new in your shop and get this week's party started!!

The linky party that is open to anyone with an Etsy Shop, Online Shop or Boutique. No worries, you don't have to have a blog to join in, but if you do, it would be fantastic if you would grab the marketplace image below and place it somewhere on your blog, just to let your readers know about this wonderful shopping experience.
Link party button for Prodigal Pieces
<div class="Prodigal Pieces-button" style="width: 350px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="Prodigal Pieces" width="350" height="216" /> </a> </div>
The best part...You can link up to three of your individual shop items or shop blog posts. Just make sure these items you are linking are actually available FOR SALE, and link up using the permalink directly to the item or post to make it easy to find. 

A new party begins each week at 8 AM (EST) Tuesdays, so mark your calendar!

Are you here to shop?  Be sure to check back throughout the week because new items are always being added. 

Let's party!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Letting Go

A few weeks ago I shared with you on the Blogland Tour how my stash of furniture was in need of a de-stashing.  
Just a little don't you think? (I'm proud enough to watermark it!)
In working through my treasures, I came across some that I either didn't have a heart for or would just take too much out of me to revive.

For instance, this dresser was one I found with a gorgeous large mirror while on my city cleanup run.  Solid and sturdy, but just not made well enough to meet my criteria for resale.  Wouldn't you only want the best associated with your name?
I was planning to put wire baskets and line that center drawer spot - the drawer was toast.  I had even bought the baskets and fabric, but the dresser just didn't pass muster...on to Craigslist it goes.  $20 for holding it for a year and a half and it's GONE!

Next is another roadside rescue from city cleanup.  An art deco dressing table sans mirror, badly peeling veneer, warped tops, and damage drawer fronts.
All fixable, but I'm pretty tuckered right now and even started to work on it. Alas, I decided to throw in the towel and gave it up for free on Craigslist (I love that site!)

Along with the next dressing table comes a funny story.  While out doing my rounds with the city cleanup, I came across an absolutely gorgeous, but torn apart and broken dressing table that had to have been a show-stopper in its prime.
When put together the center mirror stood 60" tall and had two adjoining smaller mirrors on either side - w.o.w.

I snatched it up knowing it would be a chore to work on this one...I couldn't let it go to the dump!

Enter in the funny part...the next day at church our youth pastor came up to me and said that I had taken his daughters vanity and if I could fix it he would love to have me work on it for them.  Mind you, I had just begun my furniture adventures and figured someone would see me at some point being the "trash lady".  I proudly wear that badge.

Well...after having it sit for over a year, and finding that it would cost me over $200 just to replace the mirrors alone, I decided to let it find a new home.  I did keep the mirror back though for a repurpose coming soon!

Another furniture redeemer drove almost 2 hours and picked up this one and the one before having found my free listing on Craigslist.  Aaahh...purging and feeling good! GONE!

One of my dearest and best friends asked me if I wanted a table to work on. One of the bonuses of doing this business is you get all sorts of hand-me-downs. 

At first, I said "No way, I'm overstuffed as it is."  She even tried to sell it at a garage sale for $25 with no takers.  I didn't want to see it go to waste so I took it in....for a couple of days.

I had no room for it and no gumption to work on it.  It was going to have to have the veneer pulled off, all the bug holes filled in that had drilled underneath, the foot repaired, and so on.

Stuck it on Craigslist for free.  A young mother whom I've met before came and got it.  One of her children is a special needs child and she wanted to start working on furniture to help earn money while give herself something to take her mind off of the daily stresses.  Perfect for me and perfect for her. GONE!

Next up is a mid century modern dresser that, again, was in my stash for almost 2 years because a lady gave me a deal if I purchased all 4 of her dressers. All the rest are gone except this last beast.

Broken foot, damaged veneer, but all original pulls and a funky retro design, worth a try, right?  Have I ever told you my life's motto, "Haste makes waste"? Seriously, I repeatedly tell my children that I have yet to learn that lesson.

Instead of waiting for soaking wet towels to lay on the top overnight, (that's how you get veneer off) I only waited a couple hours and started to pull off the veneer.

It came off like butter in most parts, but at the back it stuck so I used my paint scraper and well...damaged the boogers out of it.

Wood putty, sanding and even just deciding to paint it as is, did not suffice.  I was so frustrated and so sick of working on my stash that I threw it up for sale on, you guessed it, Craigslist.  
Happy father buying it for his daughters room, happy me to have it going bye, bye.  Win-win wouldn't you say?  Really though, I hate to quit and this one irked me to let it go, BUT...its GONE!

Last, but not least for sure, was a set that was supposed to go in our master bedroom when it was finished.  Made by Stanley and solid as they come with original pulls, a gorgeous beveled tri-fold mirror, and a French Provincial flare.
I was working through all that stash not letting myself quit until I finished and as reward get to work on my own set, something for me and my hubs (I have yet to do that you know!).  We wanted this to be just right.
Started to work on it with the intention of sanding and staining the tops and painting the bottoms, upholstering the headboard, only to find pressed board under and on the sides of that veneer  We have a vision for our room and we have NEVER had a set of our own and I did not want to paint those tops.  

Grrrr.  Not giving in.
Threw it on Craigslist with hubby in full agreement. It sold and will be picked up tomorrow.  Hallelujah!  I do believe the angels will sing because my shop will be half empty.  That set has been in there for over a year a bit of regret that it didn't work out because it's so pretty. GONE!

Guess I get to shop again...bummer (wicked grin appears). Ooh, what will I find??

Back to Craigslist, auctions, garage know, a treasure hunt for sure! AND now I can get my shop lights and heater put in place before winter sets in.

Lesson learned: Be sure you are not pregnant before acquiring so much furniture that you will not be able to work on it, thus driving your Type A self and family crazy with clutter.

Nuff said. ahem.
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