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The Blogland Tour Continues...

 A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Jeanette at Creating a Life to hop on board the tour through Blogland.  How fun!  
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
What a wonderful way to virtually meet & greet fabulous bloggers and to get a chance to share a little more about myself and why I do what I do.

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Jeanette, you are missing out on a wonderfully creative mother to 3 children who has a heart for the Lord and a vintage flair.  She creates absolutely gorgeous home decor and sells vintage goodness in her Etsy shop, The Penny and The Pearl.  Check her out at her stop on the tour and what new projects she's working on at her inspiring blog, Creating a Life.
Tour Through Blogland with Creating a Life at Prodigal Pieces via
Now it's my turn...hee hee hee...

To kick off my leg of the tour I get to answer four questions, so sit back and relax, and grab your mouse for a tour.

Question 1: What are you working on right now?
Ummm....what am I NOT working on right now???  I have often admitted that the grass doesn't have time to grow under my feet and now that it's summer, that statement couldn't be more true. 
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
I have a stash like none other stash of furniture right now that I am aggressively attacking so that I can get my shop in tip-top shape before fall hits. (not to mention trying to finish the remodel on our bedroom, rip out our long-outdated bathroom, keep my garden alive, and try to take a minute to enjoy my 6 children - one of which is a 3 month old babe - while keeping up homeschooling!  

Normally, I don't do the hoarder thing, but when I was having an awful start to my pregnancy, my projects got put on hold.  The photo above is actually missing 4-5 different pieces of furniture I've finished and sold in my Etsy shop (there was only about a 24" path to the door...ahem).

Stay tuned for my latest pieces to show up here and in my shop!

Question 2: How does my work differ from others?
Much like Jeanette, you don't find me inside a department store...ever.  I crave my surroundings to be full of items I've either made myself or have found through a treasure hunt at thrift stores, garage sales, etc.  Your home can become such a fulfilling place to be just by thinking outside the manufactured box and for pennies at best!
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
DIY Barn Wood & Bedskirt Tutorial
You can totally walk around my house while pointing to each item and could say, "Thrift store, made it, garage sale, made it, curbside, made it"....there is nothing ordinary here!  AND the fun part of that is that it's always changing.
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
Reclaimed Pallet Wood Projects
My love of furniture spans a spectrum of antique to Mid-Century Modern and I like to dabble in them all.  My creative side affords me the benefit of not only having a passion to create in the rustic farmhouse style, but also as defined as the Art Deco era.  
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
Playing in the Mid Century
Being in the same spot for a long time can get boring and life has so many nooks and crannies to explore!

Question 3: Why do I write/create what I do?
I have often been told that I should create a blog because of all the "stuff" I do. While I could easily blog about my kids, food (GAPS & Whole food advocate), homeschooling, etc., I find that my little niche is creating beautiful things for you to make your house your home, share DIY's for you to follow, and my love for junking/fleatiquing/picking.

A couple of years ago we suffered the loss of our daughter at 21 weeks, and another baby at 11 weeks shortly after.  Having that gap in my life after 10 years of breastfeeding & being pregnant, God saw fit to help me find a little of myself again.  
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
My Baby Story
Being the mother of 5 homeschooling children is all-consuming and one can tend to forget about themselves.  I am not at all a believer in "time for me", but having that break in my childbearing gave me the opportunity to create my business and fulfill a joyous part of me I had tucked away.  Then He saw fit to bless us with another child.  God is soooo good.

Question 4: How does your writing/creative process work?
When.I.get.a.minute.  Really, Larissa, the lady who owns a business and blog is very organized and has a time for everything.  BUT, Larissa, who is a mother to 6 children, including a baby, does not have time.  Ha!
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
Backyard Fun DIY Style
Seriously though, I do find time in the wee hours of the morning or catch a nap time here and there to squeeze a post out.  If you had any idea of the amount of creative thoughts floating around in my head, dying to come out, you would think I'm crazy!

As a child, I would go to my room, turn on the music, and grab my colored pencils (or paints, clay, whatever struck me) and get busy just letting myself create.  Or if the mood hit, I would completely rearrange my bedroom.

One day my home will become a quiet, and somewhat lonely place, where I will have oodles of time to myself (sniff, sniff).  I know this busyness won't last forever and I relish this time.

I've enjoyed sharing with you and now it's time for me to introduce 3 lovely ladies that will be taking you onto the rest of the tour through Blogland!


Karen at Redoux Interiors
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
Karen (my long lost sister) has always been a "Redouxer".  She states," As a kid, I was constantly creating, be it odd nailed together pieces of wood for my "art" or crafting up some crocheted or knit creation.  Fast forward to adult-hood and I found myself painting and fixing up old furniture from garage sale finds. My passions turned into a full-fledged love of restoring old things.  Garage sales aren't challenging enough for me, often you will find me cruising dumpsters, scanning the curbs and checking the neighbor's garbage!  My motto?  Don't throw it out, Redoux it!" 

Angela at A to Z Custom Creations
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
Angela and I share a passion for refreshing furniture (yet another sister!).  She says of herself, "I'm a frugal, junk loving gal from the south with an obsession for giving things new life. When I don't have a paint brush in hand, I can be found sharing my passion with others, in a workshop or via my blog." 

Laurel at Chipping with Charm
Tour Through Blogland at Prodigal Pieces via
Laurel adores patina and rusty chippy goodness like I do (my sister bloggers abound!) and creates fabulous creations with cast off items. In her own words, Laurel says, "I have a passion for decorating, collecting and re-purposing discarded items to create a home that's "Chipping with Charm". 

Now with all this opportunity to meet new bloggers, take a minute and enjoy this tour through Blogland and you will find yourself inspired!

Thank you for stopping by!  I'd love to have you follow me in any or all of the social medias in my sidebar.  Just click on the icon to follow along!


  1. I really enjoy when I can get to know other bloggers and knowing not everyone has picture perfect lives. And I feel like I've found a sister too :)

  2. LOVE your tour, Larissa!! You articulated so well all the reasons I was drawn to you and your blog in the first place. I know the reason you can manage to do all you do- creatively and with your family - is because it's what God designed for you. I am a follower of two of your "sisters" you've invited to the tour, and look forward to getting to know the one who is new to me.
    Blessed to know you, my friend!


  3. Love this, Larissa! I am also a mom to five (2 bio and 3 adopted) that I homeschooled but we're on the other end of the journey. My last two have 3 more years of homeschooling and we just finished year number 20! I would encourage you to just embrace the mess, chaos and noise that is those busy years of raising children! You are a blessing to your family and are irreplaceable!

  4. Oh my goodness, Larissa, I think my post will be the same!!! We are definitely two kindred spirits. Thank you so much for bringing me along on the ride.

  5. I am in awe on how you do it! You go girl!

  6. I am just FINALLY stopping by for a visit. What were you saying about busyness?? ;) Loved the closer look into your life and family. I am amazed at all you many wonderful gifts you are using for His glory...inspiring!
    Thanks for inviting me on the tour :)

  7. You are such a doll for inviting me along! We share much more than a love for refreshing furniture! My home is a handcrafted home as well, hopping with a small army of kiddos! I'm so excited to share your work, your faith, and your inspirational blog with my readers! All the best!


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